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Thoughts on the “Antenna-Gate”


This “antenna-gate” thing got me thinking. More so after Steve Jobs presentation of Apple’s research into the alleged problem.

I’m actually shocked. So shocked I really don’t know where to begin.

A phone with antenna issues. A top of the line phone no less. Shocking.

Both RIM and Nokia comments on it and tells us that with their 20 odd years of antenna-perfectioning their phones do not suffer from the same issues as the iPhone 4.

Makes sense. There is no substitute for hard facts and years of experience.

I mean. Take a look at the car industry. With their combined experience (100 + years at least) they have managed to make cars that never breaks; not even when the drivers willingly drive into a tree.
No. Wait. I guess they also have some issues with physics and human stupidity.

Damn physics!

I tested my iPhone 3G for the same thing. Steve himself said that this is an inherent issue with smart phones.

What do you know… Turns out I can easily replicate the issue on my iPhone 3G in spots of known weak signal. After 24 months of usage I find out that my phone has an antenna design flaw. Now I feel a bit cheated. I guess there ISN’T an app for countering the laws of physics. Shame on you Apple.

But seriously. 0.55% of the 3,000,000+ iPhone4 owners have had issues with the antenna.
I guess the 99.45% other users are either stupid enough not to realise the flaws or they simply did attend school long enough to at least have a basic understanding of the laws of physics.

To contribute to the discussion I would like to bring the attention to other things of physics that some people might find shocking.

* Basically everything will burn if you heat it enough.
* Unbreakable glass will break if you apply enough force to it.
* Microwave ovens are not good for drying your pet.
* Water and oil mix poorly.
* Ice and clouds. Same thing, different circumstances.

Personally I cannot wait to get my hands on an iPhone 4. Consumer Report can send theirs to me. They seem not to want it anyway. A real waste seeing how millions of people are itching to get their own iPhone4.

I find this “Death Grip”-thing very interesting. Now I know how to get out of the calls I rather not have. Genius!

In all fairness. The iPhone isn’t perfect. I don’t expect it to be – BUT- like gravity (one of those pesky physics things that sometimes make life hard for me) it’s much better than the alternatives.